DUP and Conservatives finally agree a deal.

It’s been a long two weeks since the shocking election result and I’m sure that the Tory’s are glad they now have the numbers in the House of Commons to move forward. But have the Tory’s had to pay a big price for this cooperation. What are the implications for us?


The key things which were agreed.

-The 10 DUP MPs have agreed to back the Tories in key Commons votes.
– Northern Ireland will receive £1bn extra funding over the next two years.
– The triple lock guarantees of at least a 2.5% rise in the state pension each year.
– Winter fuel payments will not be means tested and payments will be kept throughout the UK.

My first thoughts about this deal.

I feel that May has just played another power play or her final hand. Time will tell. But a £1bn pound deal is a very high price for just ten votes. She should have tried a buy one get one free approach. But I imagine that the Democratic unionist party are jumping for joy.

Leader of the DUP Mrs Foster said “”This agreement will operate to deliver a stable government in the United Kingdom’s national interest at this vital time,” But all this deal has shown me is that you can buy off the democratic process by buying votes.

Con Overall Majority

In the weeks ahead I’m sure that the Conservatives are going to have to answer awkward questions about where this money is coming from. Maybe the Tory’s have their own money tree. Who knows? What I know for sure is other nations will be asking for a better settlement from Westminster. Has May in her attempts of clinging onto power plunged the nations of the UK against each other? If the 10 DUP MPs are worth 1bn how much are the SNPs MPs worth?

I’m sure that the British press will be doing a lot of digging, can the DUP MPs hold up against this more intense scrutiny. Doubters may be anticipating cracks to start appearing between this new union, we will have to wait and see.


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