What’s the offer for EU citizens?

Since the Brexit vote last year millions of EU citizens living in the UK have been living with uncertainty, with the prospect of not having their rights guaranteed.



Yesterday talks finally got under way, giving EU citizens and the estimated 1.million Britons living across the continent some detail about their status.

The 3 million EU citizens living in the UK will be able to settle here giving them a “settled status”, allowing them to have similar rights that they enjoy now, as long as they have been here for 5 years.

PM addressing Parliament on EU citizens rights.

But here is where it gets a bit murky. There is an unspecified cut-off date where citizens who have been here for under five years can go on a path to “settled status”.

Confused yet? This means that those people might have to have a form of identity card.
EU citizens have moved from being unsure about their status to becoming gambling chips in the Tories game of poker with the other 27 countries of the EU.



This deal already might be in some trouble. Chief negotiator for the EU Michel Barnier has tweeted that “More ambition, clarity and guarantees are needed than in today’s UK position.”

Mr Barnier wants EU citizens’ rights to be guaranteed by EU law, this would mean the European court of justice over seeing this, which is a big no-no for Mrs May.


Although a better relationship seems to be growing between the two with Theresa May saying “This issue is a top priority”, or does this simply suggest with Mays authority damaged, the EU is revelling in walking all over her, respectfully of course.


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