Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party in deadlock.

Time is running out.

The Northern Ireland political parties only have a few hours left to find an agreement until the clock runs out at 4 PM today.

If they fail to reach an agreement Northern Ireland could face a period of direct rule from Westminster. Something that has not happened for years.

The two sides have been in long talks throughout the night without reaching a compromise.

What’s stopping the two parties from reaching a deal?

Northern Ireland politics is very different to ours, it’s all based on trust and power sharing. And trust has broken down between the parties since the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal last year.



The deadlock is over nationalist demands for an Irish language act, which might not sound very controversial to us. But the DUP is proposing a “hybrid model” which would incorporate the Ulster-scots language into the act.

It’s all very complex and hard to get your head round it. Only about ten thousand people actually speak the Irish language, which makes me wonder would it really have that much of an impact on Northern Ireland?



Really someone should ask the children of Northern Ireland what languages they want to learn.

What I know for sure is when you have a country of over a million people to run, you need to focus on the issues that really are effecting the people you serve.


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