Queen’s Speech passed.

The minority Conservative government, propped up by the DUP, have managed to pass their first big test in The House of Commons by getting the Queen’s Speech through.

MPs votes saw 323 to 309 in support of the legislative package that was cut back to the bone after the Tories lost their overall majority.

The 1bn pound deal with DUP for their votes was definitely a good investment. However some of the big ticket items from their manifesto were thrown out.

The Tories planned social care policy was shelved, also new grammar schools and the anticipated changes to free school meals were gone.



But Theresa May can sleep well tonight due to the apparent rescue plan making waves. Speaking to her cabinet a few days after the election result. She said “I got us in this mess and I will get us out of it.”

This moment for the prime minister can’t be over stated. She has been described as a “dead women walking” by some high ranking members of the Conservative Party.

And I’m sure that The Houses of Parliament are full of chatter in the many tea rooms or side corners with potential coos or leadership challengers.



But today the prime minister on the face of things, has been able to recover some of her statesmanship. Even though it was a rushed Queens’s speech. May has taken, what looks to be her first baby steps into the next long five years.


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